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I Married a Nudist Camp

I Married a Nudist Camp

Episode 11: The first ladies of Sunny Rest Lodge and their legacy in shaping Sunny Rest’s and nudism's course

Discover the remarkable stories of Jeannette and Zelda Suplee, two pioneering women in American nudism who were the successive “first ladies” of Pennsylvania’s Sunny Rest Lodge. This episode explores Jeannette’s foundational role in establishing Sunny Rest Lodge, and Zelda’s influential journey as a nudist advocate and gender studies pioneer. Delve into their unique contributions to the nudist movement, their impact on nudism's public perception, and the legacy they left behind.

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Show notes

Episode produced by Evan Nicks.

Music in this episode was sourced and licensed from Envato Elements or the Independent Music Licensing Collective (IMLC).

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Photo gallery

Left: Zelda and Reed Suplee with Sunny Rest members in a Jeep. Middle: Reed Suplee and Jeannette Suplee, c. 1946. Right: Reed and Zelda at Sunny Rest Lodge, 1950s.

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Naked Age is an interview series profiling activists, artists, individualists and misfits who have a singular point of view on the world.

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Naked Age is a quarterly nudist history podcast series exploring uncommon stories of unique people going to extraordinary lengths to live a nude life. It's an interview series profiling activists, artists, individualists and misfits.
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