Jul 17 • 1HR 3M

Faces of Canadian Nudism

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Evan Nicks
A historical audio series exploring uncommon people who have gone to extraordinary lengths to incorporate nudity into their lives. It's an interview series profiling activists, artists, individualists and misfits who have a singular point of view on the world. Check out the behind-the-episode notes for each episode at http://www.planetnude.co/t/naked-age-notes
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In this episode, we'll delve into the history of Canada’s nudism movements. We’ll hear the stories of various Canadian nudist leaders, and learn how two distinct regions found common ground and forged a cooperative partnership, their shared aim to represent Canadian naturists across Canada and internationally. And then we’ll meet Petra Scheller, a woman whose relentless advocacy and effort in service of that union made her a face of Canadian naturism.

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