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North American Nudist Pioneers

North American Nudist Pioneers

Exploring the parallel paths of two nudist pioneers whose stories take place over seventy years apart

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This episode of Naked Age explores the parallel paths of two nudist pioneers whose stories take place over seventy years apart. First we look at Ray Connett, an influential figure of early Canadian nudism who helped establish that country’s first national nudist organization. Then we meet Gerardo Cisneros, a Mexican nudism advocate whose hard work and clever initiative has helped bring a budding Mexican nudist movement into full bloom. 

(Episode originally published July 13, 2022)

Gerardo Cisneros

The Nudist Federation of Mexico

The Zipolite Nudist Festival 

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This episode of Naked Age was supported in part by an AANR Education Foundation Sponsorship Grant. The AANR Education Foundation is a charitable partner of the American Association for Nude Recreation, providing grants and scholarships to organizations and individuals that support the Foundations goals and objectives, which are to educate the public about the values and benefits of nude recreation, and to ensure an understanding of nudism and its rightful status as a social and recreational practice. Learn more about AANR-EF’s mission and make a donation at

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  • This Nude World, Crown Pictures/Monogram Pictures Corp., USA, 1933. 62 min. Excerpt: 00:01:46-00:01:55.

  • Ray Connett on Phil Donahue, 1994; YouTube. Uploaded by Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park

  • Stéphane Dechênes, from the New Nudist Podcast “Ep22: Stéphane & Evan, Plus Will Forrest on His Nudist Pirate Novel ‘Skinners’” (Jun. 2022) - Courtesy of Scott Cline

  • Ray Connett Early Canadian Nudist History (1983) - Courtesy of American Nudist Research Library

  • Gerardo Cisneros personal interview, May 5 2022.  


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