Planet Nude is a newsletter exploring nudity, history, politics and art.

Black and white photo of five adult nudists, men and women, sitting together in a living room. By photographer Norm Cook, c. 1954

Welcome to Planet Nude, a free newsletter and podcast investigating the intersections of nudism, history, art, and culture.

At Planet Nude, we believe that all humans are united by a shared nudity, and that everyone has the right to safely feel comfortable in their own skin and to experience the freedom and joy of being naked. That's why we're committed to creating a space for people to engage with the ideas and values of naturism, and to learn about the ways in which nudity can be a powerful force for positive change.

Through our essays, articles and discussions, we aim to delve into the philosophy of naturism, and to showcase the unique aesthetic of the nudism movement. We also feature the work of contemporary artists who are inspired by a naturist-like philosophy, and profile incredible people who are living their lives in authentically naturist ways.

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A newsletter and podcast exploring nudity and nudism in history, culture, politics, and art.


Evan Nicks 

Nudist historian writing about nudity, history, and culture.

Brett Marcus Cook

Nonbinary Neo-Appalachian artist, comic creator, dancer, kaiju enthusiast, anxious nudist.

Scott Cline

Host of The New Nudist Podcast. Relatively new nudist and advocate for greater diversity in nudism and naturism. @nudistpodcast

Timothy Sargent

Hi, I’m Timothy and I write about mindful and inclusive nakedness and nudism, especially as they relate to body acceptance, social progress, the environment, and pop culture.


Rural progressive naturist.

Curtis Atkins

Journalist, editor, writer, amateur historian.

Stéphane Deschênes

Husband, Father, and Spiritual Humanist.

Marin May

Writer, naturist, mystic