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We embrace the idea that nudity unites us, advocating for the right to be comfortable and free in our own skin. Our mission is to foster a community where naturism’s ideas and benefits are discussed, and highlight how nudity can drive positive change. We explore naturism’s philosophy, celebrate nudism’s unique culture and aesthetic, and spotlight contemporary artists and individuals embodying naturist values.

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Left: Planet Nude pod (logo); Center: Weekly Wrap (logo); Right: News of the Nude (logo)Left: Planet Nude pod (logo); Center: Weekly Wrap (logo); Right: News of the Nude (logo)Left: Planet Nude pod (logo); Center: Weekly Wrap (logo); Right: News of the Nude (logo)
Left: Planet Nude pod (logo); Center: Weekly Wrap (logo); Right: News of the Nude (logo)Left: Planet Nude pod (logo); Center: Weekly Wrap (logo); Right: News of the Nude (logo)Left: Planet Nude pod (logo); Center: Weekly Wrap (logo); Right: News of the Nude (logo)
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A newsletter and podcast exploring nudity in history, culture, politics, and art.


Researcher writing about nudity, history, nudism, and culture. Creator of Planet Nude. Director at Western Nudist Research Library. Host of Naked Age and cohost of New Nudist Podcast. Grandson of #RudolphJohnson. Freehiker & father. He/him.
Journalist, editor, writer, amateur historian.
Husband, Father, and Spiritual Humanist.
Alive, wild, raw. Weaving tales and truths from the natural world. Embracing the full bloom of an untamed woman.
Advocating to make naturism an accepted part of society.
UK based Egyptian comic book artist
Creating Illustrations to help get younger people interested in nudism.
Nonbinary (they/them) Appalachian artist, comic creator, dancer, kaiju enthusiast, neurotic naturist.
Hi, I’m Timothy and I write about nudity, both within and outside the contexts of naturism and nudism, especially as it relates to body acceptance, social progress, the environment, and pop culture.
A wife, a mum, a daughter, and a naturist. Women's Officer for British Naturism. Freelance naturist writer & journalist.
Host of The New Nudist Podcast. Relatively new nudist and advocate for greater diversity in nudism and naturism. @nudistpodcast
Zaftig Pink is an artist whose work riffs off of the less-celebrated aspects of midcentury Americana, drawing inspiration from vintage advertising, travel decals, matchbook covers, and other wonderfully banal bits of 20th century graphic design.
Artist/Cartoonist and Nudist from Nova Scotia Canada. I have been painting and cartooning for over thirty years. My cartoon, The Spice of Life was published in two Montreal papers from 1994 to 1996.
Long-time naturist and member of AANR, BN, FCN, INA, INF, and TNS. Director for the AANR-West Region. Governor for the B.E.A.C.H.E.S. Foundation. Creator of the hashtag - #IAmtheFaceofNaturism
Annebella Pollen is Professor of Visual and Material Culture at University of Brighton. She is the author of five books of art and design history. Find her on Twitter @AnnebellaPollen