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Jan 9, 2023

Welcome to Planet Nude, a newsletter and podcast dedicated to exploring and promoting nudism as a diverse and inclusive form of expression, activism, and art.

Our goals are to influence the discussion of nudism in online discourse and on social media, to portray nudism as subversive, youthful, and diverse, and to explore the history and significance of nudity through research-based writing.

Our audience consists of generally progressive-minded individuals interested in freedom of expression and art, as well as those seeking a deeper understanding of the history and cultural significance of nudism.

We will use original written material and pay $60 for any contributed articles that are published.

Content Guide

Planet Nude focuses on the culture of naturism, the history of nudism and nude activism, and the power of nudity for self acceptance and as a form of expression. We explicitly seek to feature inclusive and diverse points of view. We seek to provide a more nuanced look at nudity in life.

We’re interested in any and all works that explore one of these theses in some way. But we’re also interested in individual stories and points of view. Whatever you’ve written, we’d love to read it.

Exceptions: You will not find articles on Planet Nude that promote voyeurism, objectification, or exploitation of the human body. We will never knowingly include gratuitous sexual nudity. We will never support hate speech or bigotry.

Media Policy

We love to feature photos and images that have an edgy and artistic design aesthetic. They do not need to have nudity, but if they do, they should follow our nudity rules, which are:

  • The first image or thumbnail image should always be “safe for work” or more appropriately “safe for Facebook”. We do want our articles to be shared by readers, and readers are generally apprehensive to share an article when it could get their account suspended.

  • Nonsexual nudity is allowed in subsequent images. Images from history or pop culture are allowed, with sources included wherever applicable. Permission must be granted by photographers, artists, or models whenever possible.

  • Voyeuristic or explicitly pornographic nudity is never allowed.

All photos and media must also abide by the rules of the content platform, which in this case is Substack. Substack's media policy allows for depictions of nudity for artistic, journalistic, or related purposes, as well as erotic literature. However, they have a strict no nudity policy for profile images. Substack does not censor content like many other platforms do.

In addition to the above guidelines, we will not feature any photos or media that are inappropriate, explicit, or offensive in nature. All photos and media must be respectful and in line with our mission and values as a blog.

We reserve the right to remove any photos or media that do not align with these guidelines.

Submitting to Planet Nude

Planet Nude is a blog and newsletter that focuses on nudism as an art, expression, and activism. All submitted articles should align with this focus and must be original, well-written, and well-researched.

  1. Planet Nude pays $60 for each published article.

  2. Articles should be between 500 and 1,500 words in length.

  3. Writers retain all rights to their work.

  4. By submitting an article, authors grant Planet Nude the right to edit and publish their work on the blog and newsletter.

  5. We do not expect exclusivity. However, we expect and request writers to disclose if a submission has been previously published or is under review with another publication or website.

  6. All articles should be properly cited and include a bibliography wherever applicable.

  7. Photos and media accompanying the articles must follow our photo and media guidelines.

  8. Submissions will be reviewed on a rolling basis and selected articles will be scheduled for publication.

  9. We may offer notes or feedback on your writing and ask you to resubmit.

  10. Authors will be notified if their article has been selected for publication and paid at the time of publication.

  11. All selected articles will be turned into recorded audio episodes for Planet Nude Podcast.

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At Planet Nude, we have a vision of giving the nudism movement a shot in the arm, and we hope that through our content, we can inspire others to embrace their own vulnerability and freedom of expression. We’re excited to create a platform for other passionate writers and advocates to join us on this mission. 🪐