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A smattering! A much understated word, great article too by the way!

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Nice rundown. Thanks for pulling it together.

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I've finally had the time to catch up with this 'news of the nude', I'm glad I managed to, its well worth catching up with, thanks for pulling it all together.

I've also caught up with a few more episodes of Naked Education. I wondered if the fact that my attention tended to wander while supposedly 'watching' it had anything to do with being a long time nudist; I've seen thousands of nudists in all of their glory and variety. It was more interesting watching the reactions of the 'class' than the onscreen nudity. So, I asked a few non-nudist friends what they thought of the series, their reactions were the same as mine. I'm therefore not sure if there is much wider scale education resulting from this series on the subject of nakedness.

I'm all in favour of dinner parties where clothing is not allowed. We're part of a group of nudist friends who take turns to host nude dinners, its a great way of socialising nude regularly during the cooler months. Themes were tried but nobody wanted to wear any form of costume, body painting was tried, a few tried painting before traveling, in clothing to the hosts, this led to a number of smudged bodies. So, the dinners became longer affairs where we gathered a few hours earlier to paint each other at the hosts, a glass or two of vino seemed to help the creativity so participants didn't drive. Local taxi firms got used to picking up diners post-dinner with smudged faces, they laughed at us, we joined in. I'm not sure if they ever learned that we'd just spent several hours completely naked with every part of our bodies similarly painted with other similarly decorated nudists. I recommend having dinner like this at least once!

As for the case for getting naked; there is always such a case IMO! I agree fully that the article nails this very well. Thinking about the variety of naked activities that Kat Rosenfield touches on, there is a greater range of opportunities to do things naked here in the UK than there was say 20 years ago. Thanks to the efforts of other committed naked people locally we have at least two organized nude hiking groups, swims, gallery visits, garden events, nude bowling, yoga, tai chi, qigong, badminton, restaurant and pub visits etc. We're lucky to be able to take part, we don't get to everything, we might see the same people at many of these events, which can add to the sense of really belonging to the local nudist community. It seems to becoming more widely known that the nude £ is worth catering for. We've lost some local nudist clubs at the same time but aside from riding on a few early WNBRs in the mid-00s I wasn't aware of much else back then where we could socialise, or exercise, naked away from clubs or beaches. Nudist opportunities are far more varied here now, but its sad that some clubs have gone.

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