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Maybe this has been missed (by me), but a comparison with the loss of Maui's Little Beach comes to mind:


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Honestly, sorry to be the cynic again, but in North America at least (and from what I hear Australia), I think this will continue to happen (and protest like what happened a last year at the B&N indoor swim in the UK). And that has to do with Both USA and Canada being new counties that still have their old puritan ties. Canada and the States are not Germany, or the Scandinavian countries with their historic ties to FKK, and Saunas, etc., which are even used even by textiles. Or places like Corsica in France, where the island has two popular naturist resorts with large nude beaches.

The only thing that could be done is to visit a secluded nudist clubs resort. But they also need to be more welcoming, which means lowing their day rates for visitors.

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Fascinating article! The finding that nude access to Toronto beaches had governmental support as early as 1890 makes me think we need to reconsider the definition of when organized nudism began in North America. That date precedes the founding of Rock Lodge and Sky Farm in New Jersey by more than 40 years and the governmental blessing shows that it was a (small but) accepted part of the culture in the Toronto area. Compare that to how New York treated 17 men and 7 women who were exercising in the nude in a gymnasium in 1931. (They were arrested). So maybe governmental acceptance should trump private organization?

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