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Timothy. Thanks again. Your writing is always thoughtful and timely.

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Both times I have gone nude on a SoCal beach I have had men come up to me and aggressively try to grab my male genitals. I guess that's the price I have to pay for having the gay community support naturism?

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With respect to finding homophobia online, but not at actual nudist venues: Anyone with a keyboard can be anything they pretend to be. A lot of folks bloviating on nudist blogs will never have the open-mindedness to actually get naked with like-minded individuals; but that won't stop them from having strong opinions and being quite vehement. Aside from homophobia, the online warriors suggest that we're sexualizing our children, we are all part of the swingers community, and if you're a woman, have such low self-esteem that you have to flaunt your body in a desperate attempt to get the approval of men. This is what I get as a straight white male nudist. I accept the fact that when it comes to social nudism, most Americans don't know what they don't know and want to keep it that way. I avoid such persons.

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