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News of the Nude, Apr. 2024

Volume 16: Your monthly bulletin of broad-ranging briefings on body freedom

Welcome to another edition of News of the Nude, our monthly series examining media coverage of nude and nude-adjacent news items around the world. I normally try to say something thoughtful here about the month’s headlines and their takeaways, but I think this month we can forego the preamble and get right to the headlines.

But first, as always, I want to acknowledge our newest paid subscribers! We had a surge of new signups this month following the announcement of Strips, our all-new original nudist webcomics feature. Trust me, we’re as excited about this as you are. And we’re delighted to welcome you to the Planet Nude community.

Testimonials from paid subscribersTestimonials from paid subscribersTestimonials from paid subscribers
Testimonials from paid subscribersTestimonials from paid subscribersTestimonials from paid subscribers
Testimonials from paid subscribersTestimonials from paid subscribersTestimonials from paid subscribers

Our paid subscribers keep the lights on here, but we appreciate all our readers and subscribers, free or otherwise. It’s because of you that we are here.

Okay, now let’s get to the headlines from this month. 🚀

The headlines from this month:

Naturists take on development company over fears of naked complaints

Nudists pictured strolling along Eastney Beach in Portsmouth, Hampshire, in 2008 | Source: Daily Mail

Naturists at Eastney Beach in Portsmouth, Hampshire, face uncertainty as plans for an upscale development threaten their long-standing tradition of nude sunbathing. For over 70 years, Eastney Beach has welcomed naturists, making it one of the few remaining nudist spots on the South Coast. However, a proposed housing project by Orangestar Capital aims to transform a derelict naval site overlooking the beach into 134 luxury homes. Concerns arise among naturists that potential homeowners may not be adequately informed about the beach’s naturist history and the possibility of nude sunbathers during the summer months.

A digitally-generated image of the planned development | Source: Daily Mail

In the Daily Mail article (linked above), the naturist community expresses dismay over the potential loss of their cherished space. They fear complaints from new residents and worry that the proposed development could restrict their access to the beach. Despite assurances from developers that beach access will be enhanced, naturists remain skeptical about the future of their beach. As the planning dispute unfolds, the naturist community advocates for their right to continue enjoying Eastney Beach in its natural state.

Post-publication update:

Just today after publication of this edition, a video of Planet Nude regular contributor

defending naturists’ rights to use the beach on television! We’ve written about Helen regularly appearing in the British media in support of naturism, so it’s never a surprise to see her out there fighting the good fight, but I had to toss the clip in here for readers to enjoy. 🚀

Naked Man tackled at Coachella

Original video zoomed in for clarity.

A recent incident at the 2024 Coachella music festival has ignited a viral storm on social media. Captured and shared on X (formerly Twitter) on April 13th, the video—now viewed over 18 million times—shows a naked man being forcefully subdued by security after he refused to dress. The public reaction has been telling; the comments are filled with ridicule, assumptions of drug use, and troubling endorsements of the security’s forceful approach. The scene echoes a similar event from 15 years earlier at the same festival, where a naked attendee was tased for a comparable defiance. This recurrence of forceful responses highlights a troubling pattern of escalated reactions to expressions of nudity at Coachella.

It’s hard not to note the stark contrast between these incidents and the expressive freedom celebrated at the iconic 1969 Woodstock festival, which marks its 55th anniversary this year. At Woodstock, nudity was part of a broader cultural and sexual liberation, symbolizing an explosion of free expression. Today, however, such expressions seem increasingly at odds with a culture that has significantly regressed, influenced by the corporatization of music festivals and broader capitalist forces. This shift away from the ideals of body freedom and uninhibited expression, so vividly captured at Woodstock, highlights a disheartening retreat from the radical openness that once defined our culture.

I just hope the naked guy has a half-decent lawyer. 🚀

What are you feelings about this?

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DoorDash driver penalized after refusing to deliver order to nudist customer

Stock photo | Envato Elements

A female DoorDash driver faced backlash after refusing to deliver to a nudist customer planning to answer the door in the nude. The driver, posting as @acrispygal99 on Reddit, expressed frustration when DoorDash support allegedly penalized her for canceling the order, citing concerns for her safety and discomfort. The driver argued that the customer’s behavior seemed malicious rather than a mere lifestyle choice. Reddit users largely supported her decision, condemning the customer’s actions as inappropriate. Despite the driver’s plea for understanding and better support from DoorDash, the incident underscores the challenges gig workers face in navigating unconventional delivery situations while prioritizing their safety and comfort. 🚀


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Instagram will blur nudes in messages sent to minors

Image: Meta

Instagram is introducing a new safety feature that blurs nude images in messages to protect minors from inappropriate content and exploitation. This feature will be activated by default for teenage users, leveraging on-device machine learning to detect nudity without Meta accessing the content unless reported. This update is part of Meta’s broader initiative to enhance child safety on its platforms, following criticisms about the negative impacts of its services on young users’ mental health and body image.

It warrants saying that protecting minors from harassment is extremely important, and many aspects of this initiative are to be commended. At the same time, Instagram’s stringent anti-nudity policies already affect discussions around body positivity, and increasingly, studies have shown that Instagram can negatively impact body image among teenagers, contributing to body dissatisfaction and other mental health issues. While it’s essential to shield children from unsolicited messages and inappropriate content, if the new policy overly censors all nudity, including non-sexual and empowering images of diverse bodies, the adverse social effects could be more significant than just protecting minors from harassment. Instagram faces the challenge of balancing these issues, and given its history of broadly banning all nudity, there’s reason to be skeptical of its effectiveness. Hopefully, the company will maintain transparency in its censorship methods.

According to research, reducing social media use can significantly improve teenagers’ body image, highlighting the complex relationship between social media exposure and mental well-being. 🚀

Ban on public nudity among proposed Brevard tourism cultural grant modifications

Image: Florida Today

As we also reported on Planet Nude earlier this week, Jason Steele, the chair of the Brevard County Commission in Florida, has proposed a new rule for county tourism grants that would disqualify arts and cultural organizations from receiving funds if their public events include nudity. This initiative, discussed during a meeting of the Brevard County Tourist Development Council, aims to prevent any potential harm to children and families from nudity at publicly accessible events. Despite the lack of specific past incidents prompting this proposal, Steele emphasizes compliance with state and local laws. The proposal has sparked controversy, especially considering recent debates over funding allocations within the county, notably involving an LGBTQ+ organization’s event. The final decision on these guidelines will require approval from the County Commission. 🚀

Read our coverage:

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Florianópolis Beach Resort Turns to Inspectors and Drones to Hunt for Nudists

Bruno Lucca/ Folhapress

Galheta Beach in Florianópolis, Brazil, traditionally a nudist refuge, is now under scrutiny as local authorities have deployed inspectors and drones to enforce a ban on nudity. This move has sparked tensions between local traders, who support the ban, and nudists who frequent the beach. Despite its historical association with naturism and being listed as a recommended site by the Brazilian Federation of Naturism, recent regulations have changed the beach’s status, leading to conflicts over public nudity, which the city hall argues disrupts public access and peace.

Nudists who frequent beaches like this can benefit from organizing beach groups to effectively strategize against these threats. The article neglects to mention whether Galheta has such a group. If not, it’s only a matter of time before the drone-equipped nudist-hunting politicians win out. 🚀

Small Plane Crash-Lands on Australian Nudist Beach

“Plane Takes Off After Emergency Landing on Nudist Beach,” uploaded to YouTube by Storyful Viral, April 1st, 2024

A small Piper PA-32 aircraft performed a forced landing on a nudist beach in Darwin, Northern Territory last month after experiencing engine failure. The incident, captured on video with onlookers cheering as the plane safely took off again, involved no injuries. The pilot was the only individual on board during the emergency. Northern Territory Police are currently investigating the incident, which fortunately resulted in no harm to anyone involved.

It’s worth noting that the pilot of the plane apparently executed a “flawless” forced landing and absolutely did not “crash,” despite headlines using that term. Similarly, the beach’s nudist status drew additional attention but was basically unrelated to the aviation event. This story is not actually about plane crashes or nudists, but that doesn’t stop news outlets from implying otherwise as a transparent effort to generate more clicks.

Shame on Yahoo-know-who. 🚀

Sleeping Naked: Why Some Experts Warn Against It

Getty Images

The article from raises concerns about sleeping naked, citing “experts” with transparent textile industry affiliations. These experts argue that sleeping without clothes can expose your sheets to more moisture and bacteria, potentially worsening allergies and hygiene issues. They suggest that textiles like those from bamboo and lyocell, which are known for their moisture management and cooling properties, are beneficial for sleep.

However, contrasting views from multiple health sources highlight the benefits of sleeping nude. According to the Sleep Foundation, sleeping naked can help regulate your body temperature, which may enhance sleep quality and reduce the time it takes to fall asleep. It can also positively impact skin health, intimacy between partners, and self-esteem due to improved body image.

Popular Science emphasizes that ditching pajamas can prevent overheating and promote younger-looking skin by allowing better blood circulation and preventing moisture buildup, which can aggravate skin conditions. Furthermore, Sleep Authority points out that sleeping naked can decrease stress and improve relationships through increased skin-to-skin contact, which may release oxytocin, enhancing emotional bonds.

Certainly, bacteria can be problematic, which is why nude sleepers are wise to wash their sheets at least once a week. And if textiles made from bamboo or lyocell offer moisture management benefits, there’s no reason sheets made from them can’t be used in lieu of jammies.

Given the conflicting information, it’s clear that personal preference and specific health considerations play significant roles in deciding whether to sleep with or without clothes. However, we don’t particularly align with the suggestions made in the article, which reads like obvious “pajamaganda.” 🚀


Campaigners strip naked to protest Maldon hospital closure

Copyright Save Maldon’s Medical Services

In a striking online protest, seventeen members of Save Maldon’s Medical Services stripped down as part of a campaign against the proposed closure of St Peter’s Hospital in Maldon, Essex. The unclothed demonstrators, covering their bodies with placards, demanded that the hospital remain open amid plans to relocate vital services such as intermediate care and stroke rehabilitation. The public’s reaction has been robust, with over 5,000 responses to the consultation. Due to significant community engagement, the consultation period has been extended until mid-April to allow more stakeholders to participate. Local MPs and residents have voiced concerns over increased travel times to alternative facilities, highlighting the potential impact on local healthcare access.

This particular story is not about nudism at all, but rather nude activism for the sake of grabbing attention. The campaign has seen various forms of activism, including demonstrations and extensive community outreach. The final decision on the hospital’s future will be made in July 2024 after the NHS Mid and South Essex Integrated Care Board has reviewed all feedback. 🚀

Dyer Woods Nudist Campground owner shares the bare truth

Dyer Woods Nudist Campground

The Dyer Woods Nudist Campground in Foster, Rhode Island, managed by Denise Walker, stands on land her family has owned for generations. Originally a farm, her father transformed part of it into a nudist campground, valuing honesty and transparency associated with nudity. After her father’s death, Walker and her family maintained the property, transitioning its management to a nonprofit association in 2016. Despite facing personal and public challenges, Walker remains committed to preserving the land and maintaining a welcoming environment for nudists. The campground offers various memberships and access to amenities like trails, a clubhouse, and a sauna, serving a community that cherishes the freedom to be nude. 🚀

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News from the museum: Among the naked

Advertising poster (detail) of the Reich Association for Naturist Culture, 1928

The Herrenhausen Castle Museum in Hannover, Germany, presents a special exhibition from April 7th to September 1st, 2024, exploring the history of naturism from 1890 to 1970. The exhibition showcases how naturism served as a cultural counterpoint to urbanization, emphasizing nudity as a form of purity and a return to nature against the backdrop of modern societal decay. It also highlights the challenges faced by the movement, including legal battles against accusations of promoting pornography, which the movement consistently won, establishing naturism as a private, non-public practice. 🚀

Man Says Nudist Neighbors Have Become Small Town Tourist Attraction

This story began on Reddit, capturing attention before being picked up by news outlets like The Mirror UK and The tale features a small-town resident whose nudist neighbors have unintentionally become a local spectacle. Commentary on Reddit varied: some supported the nudists’ right to freedom on their property, while others expressed concern, especially regarding visibility to children. The media coverage, however, lacks substantial details like exact dates or locations, focusing instead on the sensational aspects of the story, reflecting a trend in the news that prioritizes clickbait over substantial reporting. This trivial treatment of such stories highlights a broader issue with contemporary news values. Where is the journalism? 🚀

Memories of Britain’s first nudist beach in Brighton 45 years on and how attitudes have changed

Eileen Jakes on the nudist beach in the 1980s | Daily Mirror

The article revisits the opening of Britain’s first nudist beach in Brighton, which marked its 45th anniversary this month. Initiated by Tory councilor Eileen Jakes in 1980, the beach opened amidst controversy and varied public reactions. The opening moment, featuring a 61-year-old man venturing into the cold sea, was rather underwhelming but symbolized a victory for public nudity rights. The piece reflects on how the beach has influenced local culture and nudism in the UK, noting that it now attracts millions to nudist sites nationwide. While the beach was initially controversial, involving objections from various community members about its proximity to public areas, it has since become an established part of Brighton’s eclectic charm. The story of Eileen Jakes, who championed the beach’s creation and was a naturist herself, highlights her impactful legacy in promoting body freedom and boosting local tourism. 🚀

Ritual Nudity in History and Religion - Ronald Hutton

This fascinating presentation from acclaimed academic Ronald Hutton examines the historical and religious contexts of ritual nudity, particularly focusing on its role in Wicca. Hutton starts by reflecting on the distinctions between ancient pagan religions and modern Wiccan practices, noting that, unlike ancient rituals, some Wiccan traditions embrace regular nude worship. He discusses the two primary justifications provided by Wiccans for ritual nudity: it supposedly releases magical energy that clothes can obstruct, and it fosters a sense of equality and democracy within the group. Hutton challenges these explanations, suggesting instead that nudity acts as a powerful symbol setting apart the sacred space of Wiccan rituals from the everyday world, and serves as a litmus test for the group’s internal harmony. Additionally, he explores whether Wicca’s use of nudity has historical precedents in ancient religions, concluding that while some initiation rites might have involved nudity, consistent ritual nudity in group worship settings is largely a modern innovation within Wicca.

Overall, a wonderfully informative and interesting presentation on ritualistic nudity, something that is akin to naturism for some of the more spiritually-inclined, and far from it for the nude recreationists who see nudism as merely a way of relaxing with their kit off. 🚀

That’s all I’ve got for you this month. As April turns to May and the weather is warming, I’m personally finding more and more moments to get clothes-free in the sun. The flowers are blooming, and the grass is ripe for grazing. When we return for the next edition of News of the Nude next month, we’ll be right on the brink of Summer.

Until then, find me grazing in the grass. 🪐

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