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Great episode!

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Thanks Steve! Yeah, I wish I could dedicate more time to producing episodes. Gotta fit it in where I can! Appreciate the compliment though.

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I just got back from a Sunday morning walk, during which I listened to this episode. Very informative, as usual, thank you for that, and good to hear about the CYNA approach to make naturism / nudism more accessible / approachable for young people. It seems they found the way to do it where more traditional places are missing the boat or losing traction. (At least that's what I see and hear in many places.)

The part about the social media: yes, recognisable. I've had my twitter account evaporate straight from under my feet once, one day to the next. I opened a new one, it's still working, but I'm glad I also found the Mastodon network, which isn't run by a company or commercial entity.

During my walk I wondered if there's something to the idea of setting up a "Nudist / Naturist Network". It was just one of those brainfarts that can come up. No real idea what would be behind it, and I see lots of problems already, because so many people are already settled into their preferred space (Mastodon, Twitter, Facebook, Bluesky to name a new one, and what else is out there). Getting people to move is hard (as in almost impossible).

Thank you for a great episode once again.

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