Good article. As a male (77) I've never let my thoughts wander far into this subject having only once been able happily to visit a family oriented naturalist place. It seems high time for general relaxation of social hang-ups on matters of nudity, not to mention biology. All things in nature come in cycles as life generates and regenerates. Perhaps an attitude of tacit celebration of this fact, accepting, understanding and welcoming the realities of reminders that we too are alive (in my case still!) as an outcome of nature's cycles. Let women cover or not as they see fit what nature brings! We still, thankfully, offer private facilities for elimination functions and I suspect most of both genders would prefer blood not be saliently visible. Changes in attitudes start with conversations and often pendulums swing overmuch to other sides of traditions. Nevertheless, balanced views (who cares of there are bows, lace, or simple, swimsuit bottoms) to serve the purpose? (My knowledge of fashion lingo is unashamedly lacking - but I think my point is made.) Yes, a good and surely timely article!

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Really beautifully written and well articulated perspective. And I fully agree... within society at large, there already is work to do in how we speak about and think about menstruation, but within nudist and naturist circles and spaces, often dominated by what makes men comfortable, there is a similar and maybe more obvious need for improvement, for more awareness, education, and compassion. Thank you for writing this.

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Your comments are great.

Education is needed for both sexes. Men more than women.

Men need to understand that there are choices and they should not be making them for others.

Women need to be taught that there are more than the few retail choices.

I will support the next person the best I can. And continue to help others learn the same.

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Very interesting article on a topic I dare say most men, naturist or otherwise, have never considered. Most men have viewed the dreaded “female problems” as the proverbial third rail -- don’t mention it, don’t consider it, totally taboo. One of many areas that men, and her I say particularly naturist men, should be a bit more consider it. It is interesting how we naturists can view nudity with such celebration and admiration, until a phantom line is crossed. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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A great read, thought-provoking for sure. There's no doubt that many naturist sites likely need a read through and rethink to stay current.

I recall working at a naturist resort and wearing a fun, twirly skirt when I had my period. Some days I would wear a tampon or cup, but other days the pain becomes too much to desire shoving anything inside, so I'd wear a pad and wear the fun skirt on top. My co-worker did the same, those hers was a belly dancing skirt. We talked about how we felt feminine and celebrated this time with our skirts. It was short lived though as we were asked to not wear the skirts as some people had brought it to management's attention that they were confused. Why were we wearing skirts? Wouldn't impressionable women see us wearing them and assume they could "get away" with not baring their bottoms as well? We're to lead by example.

We complied and put our skirts away. Understanding the reasoning, sort of, but feeling sad that we couldn't celebrate in the way that we wanted.

It's just education. If people are confused, they could ask. And hopefully they'd get a straight, judgment-free answer. I loved that you asked about the lace or cotton, high high up, etc. I've always thought of wearing underwear at a naturist place as taboo if it drew any attention(colourful, frilly, barely there). But even period panties can have lace and can be thongs.

The fear I think is that a touch of clothes, especially covering a sexual location, seems way more exciting than bare, and perhaps people might start wearing lingerie as a way of being coy. I'm not sure.

I do think it's a great conversation, the most natural thing ever, and we ought to be allowed to celebrate it. Thank you for writing abut it!

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